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Gary Villard   Gary Villard with his Miles Reed 90 inch Extra 260 powered by a D&B Engines 3.7 Twin.
Joe Mayer   Joe Mayer's Edge powered by a D&B Engines 3.7 Twin.
Joe Mayer   Joe Mayer's Laser 200 powered by a D&B Engines 3.7 Twin.
  Grant Payne, Timberlake, NC., 30% Carden CAP 232, D&B 3.7 Twin, 22-12 Bolly, 22.8 lbs.
Folk   Larry Folk, Pickerington, Ohio, 35% Carden Extra, D&B 5.1 Twin, 25 Pounds, JR Radio.
Eisner   Ron Eisner, Pickerington Ohio, One Design, D&B Engines 5.1 Twin. Ken Baker is assisting.
Hale   Tyke Hale's Lanier G202, D&B Engines 5.1 Twin.
Campbell   Bob Campbell's Acromaster. D&B Engines 5.1 Twin.
Reynolds   Alan Reynolds. Blacksburg, VA., Weeks Solution, D&B Engines 3.7 Twin.
Reynolds   David Reynolds. Blacksburg, VA., Extra 260, D&B Engines 3.7 Twin.
G-Ride   The G-RIDE is a Carden El Bandito kit that was modified to a Stephens Acro to fly in Fun Scale contests. It was built by the late Ed Mitchell and is owned and flown by Keith & (son) Kurt Klingebiel. It has a D&B 3.7 (4 years old) swinging a 22-10 Bolly prop with authority. The engine hasn't been out of the plane in 4 years and needles haven't been touched since initial break-in. Plane has over 200 flights on it without a flaw.
Extra 300   This Extra 300 is a Carden 30%. Also built by the late Ed Mitchell, it was flown in the Mid Atlantic Championships in 1994 and placed 3rd. It is also owned and flown by Keith Klingebil and son Kurt. It sports a D&B 3.7 up front swinging a Bolly 22-10 prop. (from left: Wife UTE, KEITH, KURT).

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