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THE REICHMUTH DESIGNED IGNITION was a technological leader in electronic advanced ignitions. It will replace the electronics of other popular systems and give great reliability. The electronic advance system features no moving parts and is just as reliable as any battery system. By eliminating the mechanics, this system takes out of the (Model T) era. This system has undergone continuous change and is now finalized.

The timing circuit is now temperature, battery voltage, and RPM stable. Any adjustments you make today will remain the same tomorrow. The RPM controlled advance now follows engine speed and backfire has been eliminated. The system features a regulated power supply. The regulated supply provides low battery draw when accidentally left on, full power at high RPM and reduced RFI emission. These are not wimpy units. They will fire twins without needing a five cell or nine volt battery.


Single Unit:   $130.00
Dual Unit:   $180.00
Magic Block G45, G62:   $137.00
Magic Block G445:   $150.00
Shipping:   $6.00
COD Add:   $5.00

Thank you for the interest in Ridge Machine Ignition Systems.

These systems feature dual pickup RPM controlled variable timing. The first pickup is for starting and gives accurate timing for a very smooth idle. The other pickup is used above 2200 RPM and proportions the advance between 2200 and 4000 RPM. At speeds above 4000 RPM the timing is virtually fixed at full advance. This system eliminates any jump in RPM at the shift point and allows for a smooth throttle response. (No throttle coupling, no moving parts.)

All units feature voltage regulated circuitry. The regulated circuitry provides full power at high engine speeds, low battery draw at starting and low speed, and reduced RFI. Single units draw about 400 MAH and twin units about 850 MAH. The units are all solid state, capacitive discharge, and trigger with magnetic Hall Devices. They are designed to operate on a four cell nicad. These systems have somewhat less spark voltage at very low speeds than other popular battery systems, but will fire twin coil systems without a five cell battery pack. The variable timed system was used by two pilots in the 1992 T.O.C. in their 3W Twins and was used in the 1994 T.O.C. by Quique Somenzini. Also the winner of the 1993 Marathon of flight held in Nevada sparked his engine with the REICHMUTH DESIGNED IGNITION. These are not wimpy units.

A note of safety. These dual pickup units will only start retarded. Regardless of throttle position.

The complete system less battery and spark plug consists of two parts, the spark coil and at the ignition module. The coil is 7/8 inch in diameter and 1 3/4 inch long with the leads extending from one end. It should be mounted on the engine or firewall. The coil is made by Ridge Machines, is very reliable and is cased in nylon. The coil is supplied with two 7/8 inch nylon mounting clamps and spark plug ends to fit the plug used.

The module is encased in a tough soft pack and is fuel proof as delivered. It's dimensions are about 1 3/8 x 2 1/2 x 1 inch. The wires extend from one end and are fitted with Deans Plugs. The systems are supplied with a battery switch harness. The units come with both halves of the battery and charge jack so that you may interface with your charger and battery. The complete system less battery and plug weigh less than four ounces and the single sensor unit even less.

Because Reichmuth dual pickup systems contain switching and timing circuitry, they do not require any throttle linkage or other movable parts. This makes installation simple. All that is required is that the two small Hall sensors be mounted such that a magnet (supplied) passes them as the engine runs. With the sensors in the contact position there is nothing to get out of adjustment and no linkage to jam or break. No engine modification is required. The system can be installed with only hand tools. Hall sensor attachments must be provided by the purchaser with the exception of INSTABLOCKS (discussed later). The installation is not difficult and in most cases can be installed by the purchaser for a fair savings.

Because of the popularity of the Zenohas and Quadras, I make what I call an Instablock, (instant ignition, just screw it on). The lnstablock is a flat block that contours to the flywheel and attaches to the engine with the screws that hold the magneto. The Hall sensors are mounted in it so that the magnets in the flywheel do the timing. Just screw it on, plug everything together and start your engine. Instablocks can be made to fit most any magneto engine. This makes it easy to install the ignition on an engine if the flywheel removal is not required.

NOTE! A characteristic of variable timed ignition systems (mechanical or electronic) is that it will idle an engine so slow that the hi-speed fuel circuit may stop flowing. If the carburetor is opened so rapidly from such an idle so that the engine cannot accelerate with the change in position of the carburetor, the engine may hesitate until the fuel starts to flow again in the hi-speed circuit. This is easily corrected with throttle servo linkage adjustment and/or by setting the throttle trim up upon takeoff. Installation instructions diagram the linkage for the throttle.

All spark ignitions produce radio frequency interference (RFI). The Reichmuth system supplies the spark coil with suppresser type spark lead and separates the spark coil from the rest of the system so that it can be mounted as far from the radio receiver as possible such as on the engine or firewall. This installation along with voltages being regulated results in most installations being interference free or easily corrected, all without the large, out of scale shielding and caps used on other systems. The rest of the system being rather small can be easily mounted. CAUTION Standard practice on all spark ignitions is to have complete separation of at least 12" between all radio components (radio, servos, batteries. and switch harnesses) and ignition components (batteries and switch harnesses) - never use metal couplings to throttle servos.

Reichmuth Ignitions have been on the market since the first of 1990, and so few come back that it is not a problem for us to cover these units with a 1 year warranty with the exception of crash damage or abuse. We are the judge. Note that we have no control of your engine, battery or installation of the ignition system. All our system does is supply the spark, and that it will do. Our units have been very successful in the past, and we have upgraded the design on our new units to even increase the performance.

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